October 09, 2020

7 Tips On Finding A Job In Canada

Landing a job as an immigrant in a new country can always be stressful for anyone. We have put together some tips in making this process a tad easier and less stressful. We hope you gain some valuable information that will make you smile ear to ear and land you the dream job in the land of opportunities.

Here are some excellent tips on finding a job in Canada:

Resume’– The first step in finding a job anywhere, anytime, and anyhow is to create a resume’ also known as curriculum – vitae or CV. Badly written drafted resumes along with skipping the mention of your personal & professional achievements as well as your role in the achievements of your company & team do not help your cause. Your CV/resume is your calling card, so make sure you get it right the first time around. Do not make it too lengthy, check for grammar & spelling errors, don’t fudge facts are just some of the tips for churning out a Good resume’ which will catch the attention of potential employers and land you the ideal job in Canada.

Be selective- Be selective in your approach when job hunting especially online in the sense do not carpet bomb companies with the same cover letter and resume’. Make sure that each cover letter is personalized & relevant to the company and position offered. By networking and phone calls, these are more effective tools of distributing the CV to as many as you wish. The Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi are good sources of tips & suggestions to help you on your journey.

Show enthusiasm– Keep in touch with companies after you have sent in your resume. Plus, a “thank you” email to the persons who interviewed you is a good step and shows courtesy as well as enthusiasm. These subtle tactics work and often help in helping you bag the perfect first job in Canada. For advice, turn to the Best Work Visa Consultants in Delhi.

Good references– It is always recommended to keep good written references pertaining to both your personal integrity as well as your professional life. Make sure that you have at least 2 references each for your personal and professional parts of your life. If you can get references from important people and companies, they work even better. For example, your personal integrity Can be vouched by a military person or a celebrity of sorts through a letter, this carries more weightage in the eyes of the potential employer. Take them along to Canada from your home country.

Use online tools– Use the professional online social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed to further your cause. These are good platforms and can yield results if you are lucky.

Professional accreditation– Your profession of choice may require your seeking a Canadian equivalent of the degree/diploma which you had obtained back home. Plus, additional accreditation is required for certain professions such as teaching, nursing, social work, and so on. Reach out to the Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi for further tips and suggestions.

Get advice– Turn to local people in your social circle in Canada as well as information from local resources to aid in your search for the right job. Work with the Best Work Visa Consultants in Delhi to make it happen.

7 Tips On Finding A Job In Canada

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