August 24, 2020

Cost Of Living in Canada For Students

Every year a host of Indian students head westwards to Canada for studying in one of its leading universities and academies in a course of their choice. Canada has many universities of worldwide repute such as the University of Windsor, McGill University and so on. They are world-class centres of learning with best methodologies and faculties from the world over. Young people need to keep the cost of living in Canada For students in mind before taking an important decision which will impact the rest of their lives.

In this post, we shall examine these costs with a breakdown, excluding the tuition fees charged by the college.

  1. Accommodation - The main consideration for any student heading to Canada is accommodation. The province the college is located as well as its location (city, town or rural area) are the factors which determine the costs. On-campus living in dorms known as "Halls of Residence" costs around Canadian Dollars 4000 to 8000 a year. Please note admission to any study centre does not guarantee or include accommodation. Alternatively, you could stay off-campus and share accommodation with other students which could work out better for some. Staying as a paying guest with a local family entails payment around CAD 750 - 950 with some meals included.

  2. Food - This is the second biggest expense and it entirely depends on several factors such as the eating habits and cuisine preference of the student. Cooking at home is economical than eating out at local restaurants which come at a price tag of around CAD 10 to 15 per meal. Annual spend of around CAD 2000 to 3500 for meals should be factored by the students and their families when planning their budgets.

  3. Transportation - This is a crucial factor for those living off-campus. Local bus services are the most economical way to travel which come at a cost of around CAD 80 to 110 in the form of monthly bus passes with some transit services offering discounts for international students. If a student lives close by then walking, jogging or cycling back and forth is better for the pocket and health.

  4. Study Material - All the material needed for the day to day studies are borne by the students. The cost for this is approximately CAD 1000 to 2000 per year for things like stationery, study material and instruments. Alternative pocket-friendly methods include libraries, eBooks etc.

  5. Health Insurance - All international students must have health insurance which is borne by them in some provinces such as Ontario and Nova Scotia. The price for the same varies from province to province and the coverage sought

  6. Clothing and misc expenses - CAD 1000 to 1200 for clothing per annum is a good amount to consider. Canada is a cold country with long bouts of snowfall so clothing has to be appropriate and adds to the expense. For a host of leisure & miscellaneous activities such as entertainment, another CAD 1500 is a decent amount.

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Cost Of Living in Canada For Students

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