October 09, 2020

6 Destinations In Ontario That Motivate Immigrants

Among the 10 provinces that make up this vast land of Canada, the one which is most popular with immigrants especially Indians is the province of Ontario, located centrally and touching the United States of America. We have put together a mix of destinations that are eagerly attracting immigrants to settle and make a change in the local fortunes. So, let’s get down to read more about these lovely towns & cities of Ontario.

  • Guelph – Mr. Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Canada has designed a unique program spread over 90 days which is known as “Ease into Canada”. The purpose of such a program is to help immigrants gain on – the - job language training and business skills support. The vibrant community just 100 kms from Toronto is known for its limestone architecture, dynamic culture, and high standard of living. It is often known by the moniker “the royal city”.

  • Hamilton – It is famous for its educational institutions thus ideal for families to settle down and those who belong to the educational fraternity to seek employment. Plus, being an industrial hub especially iron and steel makes it a great place for immigrants of various hues such as engineers looking to make a fresh start, brimming with energy & ideas.

  • North Bay - Immigrants planning to settle in North Bay may apply for loans up to a number of Canadian dollars 5,000 to aid with the training and certification costs via the Skilled Newcomer Career Loan Program. North Bay RNIP is on the anvil as per the last reports.

  • Ottawa - Very few people are aware that this city is the capital of the country, not Toronto. The Ottawa Newcomer Health Centre provides great health care to immigrants keeping in mind cultural & religious sensitivities. Primary care, interpretation services, as well as health navigation services can be availed by the new settlers as part of its policy to make immigrants settle faster and comfortably. This is the kind of welcome immigrants should receive worldwide.

  • Peel – The region of Peel has developed a rural employment initiative to assist new immigrants to find work in their preferred line of the field. Such a resource is a welcome boost for immigrants grappling with so many changes in their lives. Ask the Key Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi for such great Ontario communities to start life afresh.

  • Thunder Bay - The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association assists local businesses to employ newcomers. The community on Lake Superior has panoramic views, the Terry Fox Memorial among its calling cards. It also receives the highest amount of sunshine in the Eastern parts of the country. They also have a local job search engine that matches employers and potential employees who are immigrants in search of a bright future.

Kytero is among the Key Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi. Contact us today to know more about life in Canada, its provinces like Ontario, and smaller unknown destinations like Thunder Bay or Windsor – the educational hub with many Indians enrolled.

6 Destinations In Ontario That Motivate Immigrants

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