September 25, 2020

Ways to Avoid Immigration Scams

“Immigration can become a nightmare if one takes the services of the wrong people. Be alert and be aware” – says a native of Ferozpur, Punjab who lost lakhs to a scamster who promised him the easy way to the United States of America instead dumped him in Mexico in the desert. 

Every year thousands of gullible Indians especially from the rural areas fall prey to the plethora of immigration scams and rogues running them. The media (visual and print) is full of horror stories. Here is a sample of some of them: “Immigration fraud: Ambala man duped of Rs 2.23 lakh” – The Hindustan Times in April 2020. “Immigration fraud: Kurukshetra resident duped of Rs 17 lakh” – as reported by The Times of India in January 2020. The scams and rogues are everywhere looking to take simple, trusting people for a royal ride and loot them of lakhs of rupees in the shortest time. To help all of you, we have compiled ways to avoid scams and ensure a happy immigration process. 

Here are common immigration scams and Ways to Avoid Immigration Scams: 

  • Rogues posing as lawyers.You will often come across individuals posing as lawyers who are specialized in the immigration process and willing to do all the paperwork for a fat fee. These people could be just looking to make a fast buck. It is essential to avoid going through any one person. Such people are simply scamsters who run away with the money and not do any of the work assigned. Instead, contact Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi such as Kytero who are the right agency to support your big plans to immigrate to the country of your choice. 

  • Unauthorized immigration agencies. Anyone can claim to be an immigration agent, put up ads in the media, and claim the sky to be theirs. Most people fall prey to such fraud companies and lose their hard-earned money. Don’t be fooled. Always go for a recognized legal company like Kytero. Visit their office and talk to their consultants. Get the advice of others in your social network and do your homework on the internet. 

  • Rogues posing as immigration government officials. This is another scam noticed where people pose as employees of the immigration department etc. They will point out imaginary errors in the process and are willing to help for a fee to fix them. They may even threaten to derail the process if they are not paid a fee. Do not believe such people as the immigration authorities do not indulge in such wrong practices nor do they have time to do so. 

The best way to avoid immigration scams is to be logical & calm, avoid getting involved with such individuals, and process your application for immigration via Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi such as Kytero. With the support of a solid, recognized agency such as Kytero, the process is easy and relaxed. There is no fear of being scammed or losing money which is your hard-earned family wealth. 

Ways to Avoid Immigration Scams

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