August 24, 2020

Which Visa Is Best for Canada

Do you plan to visit Canada either to study at Windsor University or admire the Great Outdoors or work for a small duration? Then this blog is for you. Here we inform you of the various types of visas issued by the government and its specific purpose so that you are clear when planning to visit the country and apply for the right visa.

Here are the different types of Canadian visas issued by the High Commission and its consulates in India:

  1. Tourist or visitor visa - The Canadian Tourist visa enables persons to holiday or travel in Canada for up to 6 months / 180 days at a stretch. This visa is also ideal for those intending to visit loved ones or friends in the country. The candidate must prove that his/her stay is temporary and at the end of the stint, they will return home.

  2. Student Visa - This visa is specifically for those intending to travel to Canada and study in one of its centers of higher learning (undergraduate to post-doctoral). Canada is a great place to study as its universities are world class, the faculties and resources among the best. It is now one of the most prized countries to get your degree and set you on the career path.

  3. Work Visa - This visa entitles an individual to enter the country on a short-term basis for a work basis. There are 2 types of work permits: open work permits and employer-specific work permits in Canada. 

  4. Openwork permit – It allows you to work for any employer in the country in any city/region. If, however, an employer is listed by the Canadian government as one who is barred from employing people due to failure to meet conditions and sticking to the rules in the past, then one cannot work for such an employer. Plus working in certain professions such as erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages is not allowed either.

  5. Employer specific permit – As the term goes, it allows you to work only for a mentioned/stated employer where it is stated type, place, and duration of work.

  6. Permanent Residence Visa - This visa is given to immigrants who have qualified as per the requirements to settle in the country. Thousands make their way each year to the land of Maple trees, Rocky Mountains and Donuts for a better life in its various provinces. So if you are seeking a permanent shift out of India then this is the visa and the process you need to go through.

Make your dream of a holiday or studies, work or even immigration in Canada come true. The country is opening up now that the Covid-19 situation there is much better as compared to its southern neighbour. So start your preparations now and start dreaming about the beautiful experiences you will realise once you step into Toronto International airport.

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Which Visa Is Best for Canada

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